Starting a Business


How to Start a Business


Want to start your own business? Don't think it's going to be easy, it's an undertaking that will require hard work, and many people fail. If your business does survives, the rewards of entrepreneurship can be worth all the obstacles you'll have to overcome on the road to success.

Ready to start your first business? Here are the steps:


1. Brainstorm ideas
2. Make business plan
3. Get financed
4. Choose business structure
5. Register your Business
6. Select
7. Get insurance
8. Choose partners
9. Build your team
10. Brand and advertise
11. Grow the business




If you are looking for a way to make money online then you soon know the difficulties that are actually involved with such a business. You probably see offer after offer telling you about the latest product that will assist in building an online business for you. Perhaps you have even purchased one of these products in the past. Chances are it did not work for you. With so many pretend products out there, how does anyone know what they can actually count on to show them the ropes of online business success?

The Chris Douthit System is the difference maker. After all Chris stamped his name on this one, if you put your name on anything, especially the title, you better make sure it delivers. 

First I loved how Chris offers up some free videos on the website so new possible customers can see the kind of quality delivered before they purchase. I also love the fact that I don't have to learn from an ebook, only high quality video tutorials that don't skip a beat. 

Chris also lays out very clearly exactly what his membership site is going to be doing for me. I hate those sites that tell you they have some new secret method to making money, but do not explain what that is until after your purchase. Don't believe the hype, chances are, if it's a secret, it's a secret because it does not work. 

Let the training begin, wow, if you wanted training you just found out. Chris offers up complete courses on making mini sites that profit and then how to market those sites to success on a very tight budget. Search engine traffic, article marketing, email marketing, buying media ads, and using pay per click search engines is just the start. Expect to soon be a traffic master. 

Chris implements a no man gets left behind mentality. Where other course skip the beginner material, Chris has no problem taking the extra time to include this information for those who need it . If that wasn't enough, you also get a private members forum where Chris Douthit himself answers your questions and helps you along if for any reason you get stuck. Brilliant! 

Now here is where the real value comes in. I have personally been a member at other coaching sites and every one of them tells you to go buy other products to run your business. And this is fair, you have many needed tools that assist in creating a profitable business. But this is where the Chris Douthit System differs. Chris is going to include many of those needed tool for his members. And the few tool he does not provide he shows you how to get for very very cheap. 80% off of what everyone else pays in some cases. 

Do the other coaching courses just not have this info or are just trying to persuade their members to sign up under an affiliate link so the coach can generate additional commissions. Either way you will see nothing like that from the Chris Douthit System. When Chris says he can show you how to set up a business for lower costs verses any other success coach he isn't kidding. 

In addition members of Chris Douthit System will receive free hosting, free membership site software and transaction fees paid for by Chris. Talk about going above and beyond any other coaching program out there.

Similar coaching website are charging almost a hundred dollars and delivering far less training, far fewer products and overall value to their members. Chris might be crazy, or crazy smart, but he is letting anyone review the whole website for only $2.95 start up fee. 

In my opinion the Chris Douthit System has the most information, support, and over all products and benefits to hits members. It does not matter if you are a complete newbie or a part time expert. Chris will make sure you get to where you need to be and you will soon be on your way to an Internet business success.

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